Your Dental Health: Interdisciplinary approaches to supporting the oral health of people with intellectual disability

Presented by Nathan Despott – Inclusion Melbourne and Dr Kerrie Punshon President of ASSCID (Australian Society of Special Care in Dentistry), 10 November 2020

What is this webinar about?

This webinar will be facilitated by members of the Oral Health and Disability Consortium, Nathan Despott, Kerrie Punshon and Jo Watson. The presenters will highlight the rights of people with intellectual disability to receive support to achieve good oral health. It will introduce and explore the resource, Your Dental Health guide, the result of a collaboration, driven my Inclusion Melbourne, between people with intellectual disability, dentists, doctors, allied health professionals, disability support workers and families. Your Dental Health guide details key components, protocols and recommendations for people with intellectual disability, health professionals and family members relating to oral health and intellectual disability.

Who is presenting?

Nathan Despott: Nathan is quality, projects and policy manager at Inclusion Melbourne, an organisation that supports people with intellectual disability. He works with a range of partner organisations to develop strategies that promote inclusion in oral health, voting, LGBTIQA+ communities, justice and NDIS access.

Jo Watson: Jo is a Senior Lecturer and researcher at Deakin University in the Disability and Inclusion team within the Faculty of Health. She is a Speech Pathologist by background and has many years experience supporting people with intellectual disability.

Dr Kerrie Punshon is the President of ASSCID (Australian Society of Special Care in Dentistry). She is a Specialist Special Needs Dentist who works in Public and Private Practice and teaches at University of Melbourne and LaTrobe University. Kerrie is also a Clinical Director of Special Smiles in Special Olympics HealthyvAthletes Program, and on the International Committee of IADH (international Association of Disability and Oral Health