Wills and Estate Planning: Questions and Issues Confronting Parents with Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Presented by Jill Wilson and Ben White, 12 October 2020

What happens in this webinar 

  • Welcome/Acknowledgement of Country (5 mins)
  • Jill Wilson and Ben White will speak on recently published research paper: What is fair and reasonable? Norms and strategies guiding the distribution of assets by testators who have an adult child with intellectual disability (20 mins)
  • Panel Feedback Discussion – Each of panel participant will respond to issues raised (10 mins each):
    • Denise Gibbons – Accountant, Integrity Wealth
    • Kathy Ellem – Parent, Lecturer at University of QLD. Kathy will also share feedback from Jeremy Ward, a parent and lawyer who has specialised in the area.
    • Aimee Grattan, Disability Law QLD
  • Open Question Period from audience


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