Shining a light on parents with intellectual disbility

Presented by: Dr Susan Collings , 7 October 2021


What is this webinar about?

This session is for anyone interested to know more about the experiences of people with Intellectual Disability when they become parents.  We will hear from a passionate academic, Dr Susan Collings and parents themselves, about the systemic issues for parents that can have a devastating impact on families when a parent has intellectual disability.  Work in this area is bringing hope for changes and new thinking about parenting and keeping families together, including addressing questions of capacity and supporting parents to speak up for their rights and the rights of their children’.


Who is presenting?

Dr Susan Collings is Research Fellow at the Research Centre for Children and Families at The University of Sydney. She is Program Lead, Disability and Child Protection, and an affiliate with the Centre for Disability Research and Policy. Her research focuses on understanding how best to support families to thrive, particularly in the context of child protection and out-of-home care. Dr Collings is internationally recognised for her research about parents with intellectual disability and their children and has contributed to policy, practice and research on complex support needs, birth family contact and disability support planning. Dr Collings uses arts-based and participatory research to involve individuals, families and communities in knowledge creation about their own experiences and to challenge dominant narratives. She is currently undertaking inclusive research to inform clinical practice in parenting assessment with parents with intellectual disability and co-design improve casework practices that support children in out-of-home care to remain connected to family, Kin and culture.