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Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability


C:\fakepath\Screenshot 1Welcome to ASID's Podcasts!

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Season 3 Episode 4

Disability Employment and Entrepreneurship

 A central aim of Australia’s National Disability Scheme is to improve employment opportunities for people with disability. One of the ways to do this is to support people with a disability to start and run their own business. There isn’t much research in this area, but some new research about why people with a disability want to start their own business, the barriers they face, what has worked, and what support is available were all topics covered when ASID spoke to Professor Simon Darcy, at the University of Technology Sydney.


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Season 3 BONUS Episode

In this bonus episode, we hear from Julie Cullenward, the Practice Lead for Disability and Workforce Development at Marathon Health. Julie has over 25 years’ experience in service delivery in rural and remote areas in occupational therapy, education and the disability sector. We talk to Julie about her experiences of transitioning to working under the NDIS, the strategies that her organisation has used to recruit and retain allied health professionals in rural and remote areas and the innovative practices used to continue delivering services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Season 3 Episode 3

Providing rural and remote services under the NDIS

This podcast was recorded on the unceded lands of the aboriginal peoples of Australia. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This episode explores current research projects about the experiences of NDIS participants and service providers in rural and remote areas of Australia.

First, we chat to Dr Stuart Wark about his research on rural and remote issues and the NDIS.

Later in the episode, we will hear from Dr Angela Dew about her research looking at workforce recruitment and retention in rural and remote areas. We also hear about her current research looking at NDIS planning in remote areas.

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Season 3 Episode 2

Identity, Sexuality and LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability

How far have we come to understand and celebrate the sexuality experiences and identities of LBGTQIA+ adults who have intellectual disability?

Do they feel included at LGBTIQA+ spaces and events?

How can disability services promote and enable their equal access to relationships and activities?

In this episode, Dr Lizzie Smith and her colleague Kathryn Bartlett from the Living with Disability Research Center share with us findings from their project called Rainbow Me. They talk about what supports or impedes social inclusion of people with intellectual disability who are LGBTQIA+ or gender diverse in disability and LGBTQIA+  spaces and services.

We also hear from Dr Amie O’Shea’s research projects including: how her team adapted a peer education program called Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships Program for LGBTQIA+ adults with intellectual disability; her current research looking at the lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ people with lived experience of disabilities and her upcoming project to develop information resources for LGBTIQ people with intellectual disability. You can find out  more information about Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships Program on Facebook at





Season 3 Episode 1

#ASID 2019


Our first episode of Season 3 is a jam packed episode taking you into the #ASID 2019 conference.

In this episode we explore the key themes that arose in our interviews with keynotes speakers and delegates: being heard, being connected, being healthy and safe, and taking action! We had help from South Australian local producers Gavin Burner, Catarina Morgan, Alison Vivian and April Dwyer from Purple Orange to catch as many people as we could. We get a more indepth taste of all the keynote addresses. Firstly the keynote from the South Australian self-advocates from Our Voice SA and South Australian Council for Intellectual Disability: Ian Cummins, Tiffany Littler, Rebeka Touzea, Gavin Burner, Chris Bergin, Sarah Bryne & Elizabeth Crawford. We also hear from international keynote speakers Professor Jennifer Clegg, Dr Stacy Clifford Simplican and Dr Nick Gore. We also hear from Australian advocates Scott Avery of the First Peoples Disability Network; and Shu Hua Chan and Jim Simpson from NSWCouncil for Intellectual Disability.


Season 2 Episode 4

What makes a good group home? That’s what Professor Christine Bigby has spent a number of years trying to answer.

In our final episode of Season 2 we hear from Professor Christine Bigby, Director of the Living with Disability Research Centre, and her colleagues talking about the research into the factors that make groups homes good for people with intellectual disability.  Keep up to date on the research centre and Chris’ research on twitter @LIDSLaTrobe

This episode was produced by Buffy Gorrilla, Ben Pawson & Associate Professor Hilary Johnson with thanks to the Living with Disability Research Centre. Marketing support by Sophia Tipping. 

#ASID2018 StoryBooth  - Bonus Episode 3

Equal Rights for Everyone!

Our third and final bonus episode of self-advocate stories from the #ASID2018 Conference are about the quest for equal rights.  These bonus episodes link real life experiences to research from ASID journals. 

In this episode, Ben and Lachlan tell the #ASID2018 StoryBooth about their bullying experiences and how this negative experience led Lachlan to offer peer support to others. We also hear from a Special Olympian Madelyn who spoke about the right to community inclusion and Ian who spoke about the right to be a parent.

Your hosts, Hilary and Sophia, discuss the relevant research. We would love you to tell us about any research we missed using the hashtag #ASIDpod!

#ASID2018 StoryBooth - Bonus Episode 2

Stories of giving back.

Our second bonus episode features more stories from self-advocates who attended the #ASID2018 Conference. This podcast links their real life experiences to research from ASID journals.

You will hear about how many self-advocates want to give back. Sarah talks about advocating for herself to get to the conference while Christie and Ben talk about their advocacy work as part of the Mainstream and Me project.

Your hosts Sophia and Hilary discuss the research on self-advocacy and peer support. We would love you to tell us about any research we missed using the hashtag #ASIDpod!

And don’t forget to listen the first bonus episode from the StoryBooth.

This episode was produced by Buffy Gorilla, Ben Pawson, Sophia Tipping and Hilary Johnson. Special thanks to the ASID board, the communications committee and all the self-advocates who spoke to us. Stay tuned for the final StoryBooth bonus episode in two weeks!

#ASID2018 StoryBooth - Bonus Episode 1

#ASID2018 StoryBooth

In the first of a series of three bonus episodes, we hear stories from self-advocates who attended the #ASID2018 Conference StoryBooth and about how recent research from our journals that relates to people’s real life experiences.

The first episode is about what self-advocates do with their time. We hear Alison talk about the Brisbane music scene, Alan talk about his job on the Parks Crew, and from Ian the cook and the Vice President Bernard.

Tell us about any research we missed using the hashtag #ASIDpod!

Season 2 Episode 3 - November 2018

Did you miss out on the #ASID2018 Conference “Let’s Shake It Up - Human Rights for Everyone” 
at the Gold Coast?

Never fear!  Episode three takes you to the Gold Coast in Queensland for an access all areas taster of the #ASID 2018 conference.

In this episode, we hear from all the keynotes including Queensland self-advocates Paul O’Dea, Donna Best and Alex Baker; international keynote speakers Professor Andrew Jahoda, Professor Chris Hatton, Associate Professor Ann Fudge Schormans and Dr Brigit Mirfin-Veitch; and Australian academics Professor Monica Cuskelly and Dr Kathy Ellem.

We also did lots of running around getting vox pops on highlights from the wider program from delegates, including self-advocates.

Find out more about the keynotes and presentation on the #ASID2018 conference website and stay tuned for #ASID2019 in Adelaide.

We also have an exciting bonus episode due in early 2019 where you will hear the outcome of the popular conference Storytelling Booth. There will be heaps of stories from self-advocates who attended. Don’t miss it! 

This episode was produced by Ben Pawson, Buffy Gorrilla, Sophia Tipping & Associate Professor Hilary Johnson with thanks to the Living with Disability Research Centre. 

Thank you to the all key notes who kindly gave up their time for the podcast, thank you to all the delegates, self-advocates and exhibitors who also shared their thoughts - especially ASID president Laura Hogan, Alison Maclean, Jim Simpson, Jack Kelly, Sonya Hume, Namira Williams, Rae West, Susan Holrian, Brent Hayward, Susan Harbottle, Sally Robinson along with many other vox poppers who we didn’t have time to include! Also, thank you to Dean from for the images used in on social media and header photo.

Season 2 Bonus Episode - September 2018

Self-advocates talk about barriers to accessing information needed to make decisions about who to vote for.

In this bonus episode on voting rights, self-advocates talk about barriers to accessing information needed to make decisions about who to vote for - like Susan from Reinforce & Positive Powerful Parents Self-Advocacy Group who said that “Them not speaking in so much jargon, and them doing what they promised” would help. This echoed what came out of a recent research project by the Living with Disability Research Centre. That we talked about in Episode two.

Now we hear form Nathan Despott from Inclusion Melbourne about a strategy that is trying to address this barrier: the initiative.

You will hear directly from 22 self-advocates from seven groups and organisations including VALID, NSWCID, Reinforce, New Horizons, and New Wave (again, with thanks to SARU for linking us all up). They tell us why politicians should listen and what political issues are important to them!

We also hear from five politicians running for re-election in the 2018 November Victorian State Election: Fiona Patten State MP and Leader of the Reason Party; Danielle Green, State Labor member for Yan Yean; David Southwick, Liberal member for Caulfield; Suzanna Sheed, the Independent State Member for Shepparton District; and Gabrielle Williams, State Member for Dandenong, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Parliamentary Secretary for Carers and Volunteers.

Plus more from Sophia Tipping from the Living with Disability Research Centre and find out what that elusive fifth recommendation of the Strategies to Support People with Intellectual Disability to vote project was.

Season 2 Episode 2 - September 2018

Do people with intellectual disability vote? What stops them from exercising their democratic right? What supports people with intellectual disability to participate in elections?

In Episode two Sophia Tipping from the Living with Disability Research Centre tells us about a collaborative, action research project on strategies to support people with intellectual disability to vote. Tweet the researchers at @sophia_tee and @LIDSLaTrobe !

Debra Taylor and Simone Stevens from the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) tell us about some strategies being implemented for an Australian election in November 2018.

We also hear from 22 self-advocates from seven groups and organisations including VALIDNSWCID, Reinforce, New Horizons, and New Wave - with thanks to SARU for linking us all up.

 Season 2 Episode 1 - June 2018

"Supported decision making" 

In Episode one, we are hearing from Dr. Jo Watson who will tell us about her research in to Supported Decision Making for People who communicate n unconventional ways or have severe or profound intellectual disabilities. We will also hear from Gloria and Michael who live Supported Decision Making everyday.

Dr. Jo is a lecturer in Deakin University's Disability And Inclusion. You can find out more about Dr. Jo research in her recent IDA Magazine article, her PhD thesis, her recent paper on supporter attitudes and in her Ted Talk. You can also tweet her 

Produced by Sophia Tipping, Buffy Gorrilla & Hilary Johnson with thanks to the Living with Disability Research Centre. 

Reviews from this podcast:

My mother thought it was great. She loved hearing Jo’s narrative and was inspired by it.
My husband was very impressed with the quality of the production when he listened to it. He thought it was on a par with “The Naked Scientist”(one of his favourite podcasts).

I’ve just listened to the Supported Decision making podcast- well done- it was great- really interesting and very professionally dome – music and everything! I loved the format- I really enjoyed it and am super impressed! Gold stars all round

Season 2


 Season 1 Episode 4 - February 2018

"The Lake House: A Group Home for People with Intellectual Disability"

In Episode Four we hear Lisa Hamilton speak about her PhD research. She explored the concept of "home" for people with intellectual disabilities living in group homes.

Lisa Hamilton is a PhD Candidate at Queensland University of Technology.

Season 1 Episode 3 - August 2017

"How to promote good health & maximise the healthcare of people with an Intellectual disability – Ideas, tips and strategies"

In Episode Three of the ASID podcast series we bring you the presentation of "How to promote good health & maximise the healthcare of people with an Intellectual disability – Ideas, tips and strategies".  Dr Jane Tracey, Director of the Centre for Developmental Disability Health, Monash Health and Prof Nick Lennox, Director QLD Centre for Intellectual & Developmental Disability were our presenters. 

Season 1 Episode 2 - March 2017

"Political citizenship of people with intellectual disability"

In Episode Two of the ASID podcast series we bring you the highlights of the "Putting rights into practice: Political citizenship and people with intellectual disability" seminar. The event was held in November 2016 and was a partnership between ASID, Inclusion Melbourne and the Living with Disability Research Centre at LaTrobe University.

Speakers Sophia Tipping (Living with Disability Research Centre), Sharon Kensell (Advocacy for Inclusion), Sue Lang (Victorian Electoral Commission), Jane Tracy (a parent, Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria at Monash University) along with Daniel Leighton and Nathan Despott (both of Inclusion Melbourne) provide summaries of their work and experience around the political citizenship.

The presentations from each of the speakers are listed below:

Season 1 Episode 1 - August 2016

"I can't always read and it isn't always easy"

What makes written information easier for people with intellectual disability to understand? 

ASID presents a research to practice seminar looking at strategies that help people understand written information. Susan Buell will be sharing work from her recent Ph.D study in the UK.

Seminar presenter:  Susan Buell

Susan works in the School of Health Sciences in The University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. Her interests in research are focused on developing the participation of adults with intellectual disabilities and their families in society. Her doctorate research investigated the value of ‘easy read’ literature for adults with intellectual disabilities in constructing meaningful understanding of health issues. She has worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in the National Health Service and within inclusive education in Scotland, and subsequently spent 7 years working with children and adults with disabilities in Bolivia, in Latin America.

Handouts for the presentation are attached.