LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability

Presented by: Dr Amie O’Shea (Deakin University) & Nathan Despott (Inclusion Melbourne), 27 May 2021

What is this webinar about?

This seminar will present the contemporary research based understandings surrounding LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability. It will then address the current service provision and legislative context to support service providers and staff working alongside LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability. It will conclude with a discussion and opportunity for questions with a panel of LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability.

Who is presenting?

Amie O’Shea is a Lecturer in Disability & Inclusion in the School of Health & Social Development at Deakin University and member of the Rainbow Families Victoria committee. Her focus is on gender, sexuality using disability and inclusive, participatory methods. Amie’s recent work includes the Sexual Lives & Respectful Relationships program ( and Pride Foundation Australia funded research which led to the report “More Than Ticking A Box: LGBTIQA+ people with disability talking about their lives”. Currently Amie leads a three year ILC project with Inclusion Melbourne focused on information and inclusion for LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability.

Nathan Despott manages Inclusion Designlab, the policy, projects, and quality arm of Inclusion Melbourne. He has worked in diverse areas of the intellectual disability support sector and participatory community development, from quality management, consulting with organisations transitioning to the NDIS Practice Standards, and project work with major academic partners. His key areas of interest are LGBTIQA+ inclusion, voting, oral health, NDIS access for people from diverse cultures, Circles of Support, and advocating for government policy that maximises citizenship, inclusion, and self-advocacy.

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