Intellectual disability: What is it, and what is its impact?

Presented by: Dr Michele Wiese & Samantha Frain, 12 August 2021

What is the webinar about?

This webinar is for entry-level disability support professionals, or anyone who wants to understand what intellectual disability is. The presenters will cover three aims:

1) Defining intellectual disability in simple terms

2) Describing how intellectual disability affects everyday life for a person

3) Describing the skills you can use to assist a person with intellectual disability in their everyday life.

The webinar is a safe space and you will be encouraged to ask any questions you like.

Who is presenting?

Michele is a psychologist and recently retired university lecturer. She has worked in the disability sector for close to forty years and her work has spanned the full life cycle support needs for people with disability. Her specialty areas have included positive behaviour support, complex support needs and in more recent years, end-of-life issues.

Samantha is Executive Director of Northcott Innovation, and a registered occupational therapist. She has work for more than 20 years in the disability community in both clinical and leadership roles. Her speciality areas have included human centred design, sexuality, assistive technology and complex/multiple disability.

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