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Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability



Was held on 8 October 2015  

Who is in the driver’s seat?    

The Bendat Community Centre
36 Dodds St Wembley    


The conference focused on opportunities offered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme to people with intellectual disability.  

Keynote Speakers

Professor Christine Bigby is the Director of the Living with Disability Research Centre at La Trobe University. She has an established national and international reputation for her research on the social inclusion of adults with intellectual disability. Her presentation will focus on the impact of NDIS on the lives of people with intellectual disability, and how the information gained can be used to foster and develop opportunities for people with intellectual disability into the future.  

Keynote speaker Kathy Boxall is the Professor of Social Work and Disability Studies at Edith Cowan University. Her presentation will focus on choice, control and personalised services in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, and will place the development of the NDIS in Australia and WA in the context of personalisation developments internationally.  It will also discuss approaches to researching the voices and choices of people with intellectual disabilities who don’t use words. 

Professor Kathy Boxall - Who's driving the NDIS - Autonomous car or skilful driver?

Kathy's presentation is available HERE.


The conference featured a wide range of presentations based on research conducted in Western Australia and more broadly.

Other Presentations

Leanne Pearman (WAis) - Planning with people with intellectual disability

Emma Van Chastelet - Using iPads to support young women with intellectual disability in personal care

Gordon Trewern - Access to the health and hospital system for people with intellectual disability