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Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability

ASID 2018 Conference - Queensland

C:\fakepath\1747 logo.largeConference Theme was "Let's Shake it Up; Human Rights for Everyone"

The conference was held in the Gold Coast, Queensland, 14-16 November 2018.

The Conference theme was chosen by a group of self-advocates and it speaks to their vision. Their vision: that things need to change so that people with intellectual disability finally achieve the same rights that others enjoy (that has been denied and continue to be denied).

Aim of the Conference

The conference aims to present an inclusive and exciting program with many opportunities for discussion and debate. ASID’s focus is research to practice – the dialogue between researchers, practitioners, service providers, governments, families and people with intellectual disability which has the goal of finding better ways to support inclusion for individuals and to change systems.

ASID Conference Handbook 2018

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof Andrew Jahoda
  • Prof Monica Cuskelly
  • Prof Chris Hatton
  • Prof Ann Fudge Schormans
  • Dr Brigit Mirfin-Veitch
  • Dr Kathy Ellem
  • Alex Baker
  • Paul O'Dea
  • Donna Best




Fellows of ASID

Congratulations to Dr Michele Wiese and Assoc Professor Patsie Frawley, awarded the Fellow of ASID (FASID) Award for 2018 

Michele Wiese

 C:\fakepath\Patsy Frawley Award






Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Dr Olive Webb in recognition of her exceptional and significant contributions to ASID, awarded the Distinguished Service Award for 2018.

C:\fakepath\Olive Award