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Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability

7th NZASID Conference Dunedin August 2010

Clare Stewart

Supported decision-making

Jared Watson and Teresa Turish

Stepping Stones

Sharon Brandford

Successful ageing

Nancy Higgins

Support Workers Journey

Leigh Hale

Preventing Falls

Terese Evans-Turner

Maslach Burnout

Amanda Smith

Experiences under the IDCCR Act

Christine Wilson

Best Practice in Voc Services

John Gilroy

Aboriginal People

Martyn Matthews

ASD Plus

Dr Jenny Torr

A Life Well Lived

Yvette Proud and Kim Walker

A Healthier Process

Anne Mathieson

Horny Boys

Kate Prebble and Russell Vickery

Care Manager

Kieran Forster

Building a Dual Diagnosis Service

Debbie Espiner

Transition Planning

People First

Works 4 Us

Ainslie Gee

Circles of Support for People with Disability

Mental Health Disability Support Services Interface Project

Kim Fuller

Tara Grows Up

Hannah Pomare

Transition Maori Perspective

Transition Notes

P Milner, T Evans-Turner, N Higgins, S Gates, B Mirfin-Veitch

I say to myself, Why did they go?