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Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability

45th Annual Board Conference Brisbane 2010

Jacki Hollick, Disability Services Commission, WA

From Framework to Practice. Elements of a Western Australia sector-wide Positive Behaviour Framework to meet the needs of people with a disability who sometimes exhibit challenging behaviour. Presentation 1: Positive Behaviour Framework

Craig McIver , Keith McVilly

From Framework to Practice. Presentation 2: The application of positive behaviour support

Debbie Lobb

From Framework to Practice. Presentation 3: Examining clinical application by means of a case study

Amanda Smith, Gary Wyatt, AUT University, Auckland; Access Ability, Auckland, NZ

Experiences of the Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act 2003

Tess Casey, Christine Wilson, Mark Benjamin, Janelle Fisher, Tom Ringrose Standards & Monitoring Services (SAMS), NZ

In Search of Excellence: Best Practice in New Zealand Vocational Services

Karen Fisher, Sally Robinson, University of NSW, Sydney

Can policy address some disability rights address breaches of other disability rights?

Fran Vicary, Miriam Taylor, Queenslanders with Disability Network; QCIDD, Uni of Qld

From inclusive accessibility to exclusionary complexity: The technology trajectory

Linda Gilmore, Monica Cuskelly, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Challenging the assumption of motivational deficits for children with Down Syndrome

Monica Cuskelly, Uni of Queensland

Childhood predictors of sibling relationships of adults with Down syndrome.

Lisa Bridle, Carol Holt, Dave Haxton, Pyle Community Resource Unit Inc, Qld; Community Safeguards Coalition, Qld.

Stories of "home": Forced co-tenancy, disability rights and the service system

Monica Cuskelly, Kellie Gordon, Uni of Qld, Brisbane

Social comparison, self-concept and mood in adults with Down syndrome

Stuart Kinner, Nicholas Lennox, Miriam Taylor QCIDD, Uni of Qld

Monitoring and improving the health of ex-prisoners with and without intellectual disability: A randomised controlled trial

Kathy Ellem, Uni of Qld, Brisbane

Experiences of relationships for ex-prisoners with intellectual disability

Jeff Walkley, KerrieLante, RMIT University, VIC

Promoting health: Knowledge and strategies for developing successful health programs

Dennis Robson, Civic Disability Services, NSW

Striving for excellence using the Person Centred Approach

Lucy Besnard, Wan Garrett, Dept of Communities, Brisbane

Building a house using transdisciplinary practice: A case study of a client's year-long journey into supported accommodation

Colin Gladstone, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ

The LeadSchool Transition Service - A practical solution to improving post school outcomes for students with disabilities and their families

David Dossetor, Donna White, Lesley Whatson The Children's Hospital at Westmead; University of Sydney

Establishing a clinical framework for the mental health of children and adolescents with intellectual disability

Shahida Sajjad, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan

Stress faced by mothers of children with intellectual disability in Pakistan

Kim Meyer, John Wooderson, Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support, Brisbane

Conducting a functional assessment and linking that information in the development of a positive behaviour support plan

Bronwyn Thoroughgood, Jacqui Borland, Kristen Ody, Autism Spectrum Australia, Sydney

Positive Partnerships: Supporting school age students on the autism spectrum
Building capacity: Parents as partners in education
Building capacity: moving towards sustainability

Val Crowther, Karen Tohver, Leveda Inc, SA

Contemplating introducing Active Support? Setting Up Considerations

Jill Ashburner, Sylvia Rodger, Jenny Ziviani, Autism Queensland; Uni of Qld

Aiming for excellence: Current approaches, confidence and training needs of occupational therapists who provide services to people with autism spectrum disorders

Linda Gilmore, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Attitudes of medical professionals towards the sexuality of individuals with an intellectual disability

Jeff Walkley - RMIT University Vic, Kerrie Lante, Merrilyn Gamble, Jaquie Nethercote

Promoting health-related outcomes for people with an intellectual disability: Evidence from the Creating a Sporting Chance program

Georgina Livingstone, Family Planning Queensland, Brisbane

A framework for professionals to support healthy sexual behaviours

Meredith Prain, Keith McVilly, Paul Ramcharan RMIT University, VIC

Getting in touch - Investigating interactions between adults with congenital deafblindness and the staff who support them

Sheridan Forster , Teresa Iacono, Centre for Developmental Disability Health, VIC

Affective attunement between disability support workers and adults with profound intellectual disability

Robyn Klos, Gracelands Group of Services, Waikato, NZ

Client Pathway Team as a quality assurance tool

Lisa Hamilton, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Seeing group homes differently: An alternative framework for service provision and research.

Kim Meyer, John Wooderson, Centre of Excellence for Behaviour

Evaluating a training package developed to help staff learn to do a functional assessment and develop a positive behaviour support plan Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Kim Meyer, John Wooderson, Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support, Brisbane

Psychotropic medication and challenging behaviour: Safeguarding the rights and health of individuals with intellectual disability

Jim Xu, Lynette Lee, Concord Hospital, NSW

Sleep disorders in adults with intellectual disability: Relationships with seizures, behavioural problems and psychotropic medication use

Nadia Ollington, Ian Hay, Joan Abbott-Chapman, Scott Pedersen, University of Tasmania , TAS

Autism, behavioural flexibility and play- based functional assessment

Wendy Claridge, Wendy Kortman, Warringa ParkSchool , Hoppers Crossing, VIC

Effective Classrooms: Effective behaviour management

Tara Kent, Office of Adult Guardian, Brisbane

The difference between positive behaviour support & nonaversive behaviour support

Bob Bowen, The Mandt System Inc, Richardson, TX, United States

Integrating traum- agenic neurodevelopmental information into Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Charley Hodgson, Lifestyle Solutions (Aust) Ltd

An evaluation of the competency based training program

Clare Townsend, Kay McInnes, Uni of Queensland; Dept of Communities, Brisbane

Consent, assent and participation in research for people with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviours.

Diane Craig, Christine Bigby, La TrobeUniversity, VIC

Building relationships between people with and without intellectual disability: Insights from contact theory

Nathan Wilson, Trevor Parmenter, Roger Stancliffe, Russell Shuttleworth, The University of Sydney, NSW

Conditionally sexual: Constructing the sexual health needs of men and teenage boys with moderate to profound intellectual disability

Carol Hamilton, Waikato University, Hamilton, NZ

A suitable topic for discussion: Sexuality support and women with intellectual disability

Hilary Johnson, Teresa Iacono, Barbara Solarsh, Nick Hagiliassis, Scope, Vic

Developing communication assessment skills to inform intervention for behaviours of concern in people with acquired and developmental disabilities

Jen Ryan, Eve Ashwood, Shannan Puckeridge, Dept of Communities, Qld

The development of anger management skills in adults with moderate intellectual disability

Louise Phillips, Hilary Johnson, Teresa Iacono, Nick Hagiliassis, Communication Resource Centre, Scope, VIC

Collaboration in the Development of Behavioural Social Scripts in Reducing Behaviours of Concern and Restrictive Interventions

Patricia O'Brien, Edurne Garcia, Roy McConkey, Marie Wolfe, Darren Chadwick, Brian Higgins, University of Sydney, NSW

Inclusive Research: An issue of ownership

Colin Gladstone, Andrew Dever, Caroline Quick, University of Canterbury, Christhchurch, NZ

'My Life When I Leave School' Transition Project

Gillian Eastgate, Elly Scheermeyer, Mieke Van Driel, Nicholas Lennox, Bond University, Gold Coast; University of Queensland, Brisbane

Sexuality, Sexual Abuse and Protection Skills in Women with Intellectual Disability

Patsie Frawley, Amie O'Shea, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society, LaTrobe University, VIC

Peer education in a Respectful Relationships program: An excellent idea!: Findings from a current study

Sally Robinson, Griffith University, QLD

Emotional and psychological abuse of people with intellectual disability - what are the implications for policy and practice?

Brent Hayward, Office of the Senior Practitioner, Department of Human Services, VIC

The 'hidden' practice of restrictive clothing as mechanical restraint and the development of a practice guide

Sam McGowan, Peter Nash, Dept of Communities, QLD

Putting plans into practice: Tools for improving the implementation of Positive Behaviour Support Plans with direct care providers

Sam McGowan, Peter Nash, Dept of Communities Qld

Getting in and Getting Out: Achieving sustainable change by developing direct support providers' capacity to monitor implementation of positive behaviour support plans

Megan Moore, Nick Hagiliassis, Jane McGillivray, Erin Wilson, Robert Campain, Joseph Graffam, Michael Bink, Deakin University; Scope, VIC

Measuring social inclusion of people with a disability in Australia: the first national 1-in-4 poll.

Angus Buchanan, Curtin University, WA
Miriam Taylor, Fran Vicary, QCIDD, University of Qld, Brisbane

Enhancing access in mainstream non-government agencies: A systematic approach

Daniel Culhane - Ability Options , Cheryl Gardiner & Lisa Ashford-Potter - Family Members

I Want to Row my Own Boat

Wendy McGrellis - Scope Vic, Nick Hagiliassis, Erin Wilson

Individualised services for families of children with intellectual & developmental disabilities: evidence from a new approach

Rafat Hussain, Helen Edwards, Stuart Wark, University of New England, Armidale, NSW; The Ascent Group, NSW

Ageing and intellectual disability: Issues for disability service provision

Jennifer Stephenson, Macquarie University NSW, Mark Carter

The use of multi-sensory environments in schools enrolling students with severe disabilities in NSW

Brent Hayward, Mandy Donley, Hellen Tzanakis, Susan Fowler, Office of the Senior Practitioner, Dept of Human Services, VIC

The use of splints for behavioural control

Karen Alexanderson, Bert Thivey, Lynette Lee, Ageing Disability & Home Care, Dept of Human Services, NSW

Health care planning complexity in supported accommodation

Jenny Bourke, Helen Leonard, Carol Bower, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, WA.

IDEA Database: Trends in prevalence of intellectual disability in WA

Miriam Taylor, QCIDD, University of Qld, Brisbane

Holes in the system-Oral health for Australians with intellectual disability

Alexis Berry, Jane Chivers, Lyn Lee, Kim Walker, linda Mann, Seeta Durvasula, Concord Hospital, Sydney, NSW

Health promotion in women with intellectual disability: Development of special education material

Nathan Wilson, Susan Balandin, Roger Stancliffe, Christine Bigby, Diane Craig, The University of Sydney, NSW

Seeking excellence: Clarifying the ethical boundaries between the role of applied researcher as a surrogate disability case manager

Frauke Husner, Cara, Woodville SA

Making Active Support sustainable at Cara

Amal Ibrahim Abdel-fattah, King Saudi Bin Abdul-Aziz for Health Sciences University Jeddah KSA and Ali Shoaib, Menoufyia University Egypt

Impact of Short Term Psycho-educational Intervention in Developing Knowledge and Awareness of Parents of Autistic Children