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Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability

10th Disability Support Worker Conference Melbourne 2010

Bobby Barjram

Let's be positive

Pei Ling Chng, Stancliffe & Wilson University of Sydney

Participation in Retirement

Dicks & Maguire, Argo Trust NZ

No More Track Pants

Dame Pattie Menzies Centre, Stutchbury et al

Day programs support plans

Rosalie Flynn

What will the direct support workforce of 2020 look like?

Sheridan Forster

Age Appropriateness. Enabler or Barrier to a good life for people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities

Frawley & O’Shea, La Trobe University

Relationships and sexuality education by and for people with Intellectual Disability.

Gribben, Barker & Andrews

A case study in self-injurious behaviour and self restraint

Hargrave, Armour & Main.

Building bridges: Creating pathways to safety for women with disabilities

Hayward & Saunders

Sexual Behaviours of concern in young people with autism spectrum disorders

Hitchcock & Hoyle

Epilepsy support & management for DSWS

Hodgson, Bellchambers & Spicer

Evaluation of the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis’ (IABA) Competency based Training Program (CBT)

Maree Ireland, Field

Furthering inclusive learning and development

Jones & Blyde

Pioneering program to professionalise support workers

Wendy Lawson

Autism: A tool kit of new ways to assist and support ASD clientele

McAlister & Elliott

A place to call home. Talking about devolution. Transitioning clients to the Community. How we did it!

Moden, Brooks, Darkin

The DSW’s role in the rights, choice and responsibilities maze. A successful approach on the ground.

Mutkins, Trio Consultants.

Stress, coping, support and burnout in intellectual disability support staff

Karen Nankervis

A retrospective

Sharon Paley, British Institute of Learning Disabilities UK

Implementing positive behaviour support approaches

Sharon Paley, British Institute of Learning Disabilities UK

Be the agent of the change you most want to see in the world

Pullin, EDAR

'All about me' Communication Tool - redeveloped.

Quilliam, Wilson & Wilson

Exploring the world of interstaff communication & its influence on disability service delivery

Marilyn Raffensperger, University of Canterbury NZ

Counselling for people with an intellectual disability. Support the emotional and mental wellbeing of people with an intellectual disability

Kevin Stone & Sanjib Roy

Our forgotten families

Stone, VALID

'My Rights' Training Program

Shelley Van der Werff

Positive risk tools for the DSW to balance dignity of risk and duty of care

Wallace, SHAID Clinic Tas

Providing the best support for clients that need hospitalisation

Webber, McVilly, Fester, Sharp & Paris

Developing good quality behaviour support plans: Using the BSP-QE II