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Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability

ASID NZ 2018 Conference

Responding to the call: Building partnerships that enrich lives

Changes to philosophy, practices and supports are everywhere.   Both opportunities and challenges exist for everyone. We need to be well informed and to work with new partnerships to ensure positive changes occur for all people with intellectual disability.  This includes those often marginalised- children and families living with disadvantage, people with high and complex needs, and people already involved with other social systems, such as the justice, education and health sectors.

Monday 2 – Tuesday 3 July 2018

Rydges Wellington, 75 Featherston Street, Wellington (

Keynote Speakers

Dr Sheridan Forster

C:\fakepath\sheridanDr Sheridan Forster is a speech pathologist and a researcher with a particular interest in people with severe and profound levels of intellectual disability. She is interested in how personal contact is made and maintained with people who may not use or understand speech. She is interested in how meaning is shared and how feelings are validated in people with profound intellectual disability.

Sheridan is trained in Video Interaction Guidance and has found this to be a pivotal method for listening to support workers and family members, and supporting them further enhance the communication skills of those people who are often most isolated in services.

Sheridan strongly believes that in order to work towards the inclusion of people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities authentic relationships must be established - this takes good practice and good policy. These relationships in which meaning making occurs can then act as necessary bridges to enable contact to be made with the broader community.  

Dr Martyn Matthews

C:\fakepath\Martyn MatthewsCurrently National Clinical Practice Leader, IDEA Services, Martyn is the lead health professional for a large not-for profit organisation. He has worked with people with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders for almost 30 years which has been split between his two passions: early intervention for children and families, and developing services for people who have severe challenging behaviours or have come to disability services via the criminal justice system. Originally from Yorkshire, but living in NZ for 16 years, along the way he’s held a number of clinical and management roles both in the UK and NZ.

Martyn completed his PhD in Psychological Medicine with Otago University and his research investigated the mental health treatment and support needs of people with autism spectrum disorders. Martyn was part of the NZ Autism Spectrum Disorder guideline development and implementation and is a current member of the joint Ministry of Health and Education ASD Living Guideline Group. 

Call for Papers

The New Zealand ASID conference Call for Papers is now open!

Please click here to start your submission.

The presentation streams are:

  • System transformation
  • Citizenship
  • Challenging behaviour/ dual disability
  • Health and wellbeing across the lifespan
  • Children and young people

Choose from one of the following format types:

  • Paper – 25 minutes
  • Workshop – 55 minutes
  • Poster

Presenting gives you an opportunity to:

  • share the great work you do
  • challenge yourself to innovate
  • influence practice
  • build relationships with others in the sector

Memorable presentations are:

  • engaging
  • useful for the audience
  • supported by evidence

Can you do this? Of course you can!

Mentoring available!

Never presented before?  Want to know how to include a person with disability as co-presenter?   We will support you to develop your ideas for a presentation – contact Jonathan Goodwin at  to be connected with someone who can help.

Submissions close Friday 2 March 2018.

Mark in your diary and start planning your presentation!

Key Dates

November 2017 - Call for Papers opening

March 2018 – Call for Papers closing

March 2018 – Early bird registration opening

May 2018 – Standard registration

Sharon Brandford & Jonathan Goodwin
Conference Co-chairs


Paardekooper & Associates 
Conference organisers
ASID NZ 2018 Conference 
Monday 2 – Tuesday 3 July 2018

Rydges Wellington, 75 Featherston Street, Wellington, New Zealand 
Phone: +64 4 562 8259