#ASID2018 StoryBooth – Bonus Episodes

#ASID2018 StoryBooth – What we do – Bonus Episode 1

In the first of a series of three bonus episodes, we hear stories from self-advocates who attended the #ASID2018 Conference StoryBooth and about how recent research from our journals that relates to people’s real life experiences.

The first episode is about what self-advocates do with their time. We hear Alison talk about the Brisbane music scene, Alan talk about his job on the Parks Crew, and from Ian the cook and the Vice President Bernard.

#ASID2018 StoryBooth – Stories of giving back – Bonus Episode 2

Our second bonus episode features more stories from self-advocates who attended the #ASID2018 Conference. This podcast links their real life experiences to research from ASID journals.

You will hear about how many self-advocates want to give back. Sarah talks about advocating for herself to get to the conference while Christie and Ben talk about their advocacy work as part of the Mainstream and Me project.

Your hosts Sophia and Hilary discuss the research on self-advocacy and peer support.

#ASID2018 StoryBooth  – Equal Rights for Everyone! – Bonus Episode 3

Our third and final bonus episode of self-advocate stories from the #ASID2018 Conference are about the quest for equal rights.  These bonus episodes link real life experiences to research from ASID journals.

In this episode, Ben and Lachlan tell the #ASID2018 StoryBooth about their bullying experiences and how this negative experience led Lachlan to offer peer support to others. We also hear from a Special Olympian Madelyn who spoke about the right to community inclusion and Ian who spoke about the right to be a parent.

Your hosts, Hilary and Sophia, discuss the relevant research.